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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

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My Natural Hair Journey & Why I

Hello Everyone,

I created to share valuable research that I have discovered on African American hair. I examine the web for information, but more importantly--I read books and lots of them. My ultimate goal for this website is to provide resourceful and accurate black hair care information.

I started to embrace my natural hair in 2011 when I stumbled upon black women on YouTube with amazingly beautiful naturally curly hair. I could not believe that I could sit and watch free videos of women sharing all of their hair tips and hairstyling techniques. And all of them had healthy and growing African American hair.

After discovering naturalistas on YouTube, such as Kimmaytube, AfricanExport, and PrettyDimples just to name a few, I was ready to embark on my own healthy natural hair journey. It was not long before I removed my weave braids and freed my natural hair from years of imprisonment.

Gratitude For Natural Hair Gurus

I am so grateful for those who take the time to record, edit and perfect videos on YouTube; and develop websites and books committed to understanding Afro- textured hair.

In many ways, kinky hair has been forgotten. We are so quick to give up on it and chemically alter it and/or weave it up without putting much effort into understanding its unique nature.

Finally, I Understand My Afro-Textured Hair

I was confused about my afro-textured, curly hair; so I gave up and tucked it away under weave braids for years at a time. I did not remove the weave braids for at least two-three years.

It took long for me to understand my natural hair. But the good news is that the weave braids that I wore for so long allowed me to disrupt my chronic hair breakage cycle. I left my hair chemical-free and locked-down in weave braids for several years at a time. Once I removed the weave braids, I saw my real hair grow longer.

Weave Braids Protected My Hair

When I saw that my hair could actually grow longer, I knew that something was wrong with the black hair care information that I had learnt throughout the years. At that point, I was not sure what I had done wrong in the past to prevent my long hair growth; but I knew that tucking away my hair with weave braids was supporting my hair’s health somehow.

Even before I discovered YouTube video tutorials, I was curious about caring for my unique hair texture. I am lucky to have had the skill of braiding weave into my hair because in the midst of my confusion, I had discovered a method to grow my hair long and healthy.

Learn more about long hair growth with weave braids.


African American Hair Can Grow Long

When I was reviewing the videos on YouTube, I immediately knew that IT IS POSSIBLE to have long, healthy African American hair. I had already achieved long, healthy hair. However, I did not know how to keep the long hair that I had grown-- without wearing weave braids for years.

The main reason why so many women with kinky, African American hair do not reach their long hair goals is not lack of skill—it is lack of information and disbelief.

Hair Information Overload Can Be Bad

Today, there is an overwhelming amount of information regarding how to achieve and keep long kinky hair. Yet and still, many women continue to struggle with hair length retention.

For example, I have witnessed so many women become frustrated with how slow their hair appears to grow. Instead of learning patience-building techniques, they start making discouraging comments like, “Hair growth is based on genetics.” Or, “Everyone’s hair cannot grow long.”

When I hear such negative self-talk, I cannot help but think, “Please show me one scientific document that states that there are people who possess a gene that does not allow their hair to grow longer than shoulder-length.”

Some people cannot let go of the groundless and false information implanted into their heads. I have no doubt that black, African American hair has potential to grow to waist-length and beyond.

african american hair growth







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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.


Who Is Responsible For Bad Hair Advice?

The great thing about stumbling upon this hair care journey is that I was forced to place my knowledge about hair care under scrutiny. I could not help but wonder, “Where did all of my backwards hair care techniques come from?”

Ironically, the women in my life whose hair care habits I followed had not accomplished healthy, long, admirable hair. I was learning how to care for my curly hair through trial and error. Needless to say, I experienced a lot more setbacks than successes.

I hope the information on this site will make you STOP and THINK about the decisions you make regarding hair care. STOP and THINK about why your hair is not within its best condition. STOP and THINK about why your hair does not appear to be growing?

Reading books helped me decipher the facts from the opinions and myths. Finally, I could understand WHY I had difficulty achieving healthy, long predictable hair. The issue was rooted in misinformation.

Why I Teach About Black Hair Care?

My natural hair texture was chemically altered at a young age. I was robbed of the opportunity to learn how to care for it. I became more and more confused by a hair texture that was foreign to me. Since I never learned how to manage my kinky curls; I thought that my hair was unmanageable.

In many cases, those with a kinky, dry hair texture turn to quick-fixes such as chemicals and weave, which often prove to do more harm than good. Weave braids and other types of hair extensions are great until they begin pulling-out your real hair. As your hair becomes severely damaged, those foreign alternatives become necessities.

I teach about black hair care because I want to share the knowledge that I have learned that is helping my hair thrive. I want to help combat bad hair information. And I want to help people avoid bad hair habits that lead to dry, damaged, short black hair.

Fearful About Caring For Your Natural Hair?

Most of my life, I have either worn a weave, a relaxer or both. In my mind, such enhancements helped me to feel attractive and acceptable. Some women do not feel attractive without a relaxer or a weave. Do you?

Hair Care Knowledge Is Everything.

I do not miss the "guessing game" of following other people’s arbitrary ideas which never seemed to hold up from week to week. I do not miss the frustration that erupted from wondering why a hair product worked one day and failed me the next. Now, I know how to use hair products effectively to get long, healthy hair.

Books Are Extremely Resourceful.

Once I started reading black hair care books, I became determined to share the information with those who need it. As black men and women, we need facts about the nature of our unique hair type.

Forget the shallow information that the hairstylist and/or hair product enthusiast tries to sell you. Seek out books written by dermatologists, doctors, chemists, researchers and those who have achieved your hair goals.

Unfortunately, books seem to be the last resource utilized when attempting to learn about black hair care. My website, is committed to sharing the knowledge that I have absorbed from my own research and discernment.

Three of My Favorite Books on Black Hair Care.

HOW Will I Get Healthy, Long Natural Hair?

I have moved beyond the blind-follower mentality. Nothing that I say or do is based-on one person's ideas or belief system. Most of the information that I provide is based on the science of black hair.

There is a plethora of information circulating the internet about natural hair maintenance. Early in my quest for information, I searched around several natural hair websites and blogs. Often, I found them difficult to follow and understand. I was not sure of the author’s credentials. And the information was not very resourceful.

Hopefully, with this website, I can merge the gap that seems to exist. I plan to offer hair care advice while simultaneously providing credible, documented factual information. I am committed to informing, educating, and inspiring others on natural hair care. was inspired by my fascination with natural hair. However, people with relaxed hair can benefit from this website as well. Generally, chemically-treated hair requires the same basic upkeep as African hair in its natural state.

Learn From My Natural Hair Journey.

I am neither a dermatologist nor chemist. My knowledge is based on the books I have read. I am sharing my journey to healthy natural hair. Take what works for you; leave what doesn't. is my contribution to the black natural hair care community. Now, when women approach me with compliments and questions, I can point them to factual information to support their transformation to healthier, longer hair.

A Little Inspiration always Helps:

I read a good deal of books about black hair care. Some I had to read twice. GROW IT! by Chicoro, is one of my favorite books to re-read simply because it is filled with imagery and inspiration. The following quote from Chicoro's GROW IT! best exemplifies my sentiments toward my journey to healthy, strong, long natural hair:

No longer must you hungrily wait by the seashore in hopes that someone will toss you a fish, which you gulp down only to be left dissatisfied and hungry. The fish can be liked to a tidbit of information about a magic product, which always turns out not to be so magical after all. With knowledge, you develop skill. Skill allows you to stand confidently upon those same shores and do your own fishing.

I hope my website will teach you how to fish, not just show you to the shores.


The following links are great places to begin. Enjoy! Get informed! No more excuses! The time is now!

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Favorite Black Hair Care Books