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Why I went Natural?


I was frustrated by the continuous cycle of hair growth and hair breakage. I wanted to learn how to stop this vicious cycle and attain the beautiful, healthy hair that all women deserve.

I wanted Healthy Black Hair

Before deciding to go natural, I was a blind-follower. I learned most of my hair care techniques from friends and family members. Ironically, none of the people I looked to for hair care tips had long, healthy hair.

I trusted the advice of family members and friends without ever really questioning the source of their information. Most people get their hair care advice from hair dressers. Hair dressers are usually the first consultants to African Americans on how to groom black hair.

The problem with most hair dressers is they seem to be focused more on styling your hair rather than educating you on how to care for your hair. They also tend to be hair product advisors more so than hair care advisors.

Misunderstanding African American Hair

Every since I was a young girl, I dreamed of what it would be like to have long, healthy hair. Week-after-week, I tried different hair care tips, or hair care products that I thought would save my hair.

For as long as I can remember, I wore relaxed hair. My mother applied my first relaxer when I was ten years old. I could not wait to see what my hair would look like straight. I thought that straight hair somehow equaled long hair. Of course, I was sadly mistaken.

I was wearing weave and applying relaxers way too much. My hair was not thriving. I had two options: either continue on my same path to hair destruction or try something different with my hair. I decided to give my natural hair a try.

black hair questions we ask ourselves

I Never Really Liked My Hair Texture Relaxed

Relaxers left my hair thin, brittle and fragile. I never really liked the fine, short hair texture I got from applying relaxers.

I later learned that I was applying the relaxer incorrectly. And I was relaxing my hair too often. I hate to admit it, but I never once took the time to read the directions. I blindly-followed what others did. Needless to say, I relaxed my the entire length of my hair each time.

I gave up on relaxers years before I went natural. My hair texture was chemical-free, but I developed a love for weave, specifically weave braids. Are you relying on weaves and/or relaxers simply because you do not know with to do with your Afro-textured hair?

I Covered My Real Hair With Weave

It was not long before I became dependent upon wearing hair weaves. Wearing weave braids was my favorite alternative to using chemicals on my hair. Finally, i had a predictable hair care regimen. I had no idea how to correctly care for my curly hair texture. So, the weave was an easy fix to my hair struggles.

My real hair tended to be dry and short. I knew that there was something wrong with how I was caring for my black hair. But I did not know how to fix it. Wearing weave helped to suppress the problems that I was having with my natural hair.

Wearing Weave Helped My Hair Get Longer

In the past, wearing weave braids was my fool-proof way for attaining longer hair. The only time my hair appeared healthy was after wearing weave braids for years at a time.

I would wear braided hairstyles to protect my damaged hair until it grew long and healthy again. The weave braids gave my hair a break from damaging hairstyling techniques such as frequent relaxers, overuse of heating appliances, and dry hair.

When my hair became severely damaged, weave braids were the only remedy I knew that seemed to save my hair. Weave can work great to help you protect your real hair. However, there are certain things you must do

3 Ways To Protect Your
Hair With Weave Braids

  1. Wear thicker braids (at least a quarter inch thick)
  2. Do not make them too tight
  3. Refresh your braids at least once a month






Eventually, Weave Damaged My Hair Too

The final time I placed weave braids into my hair, I made the mistake of making them thinner in width. This time, I was more interested in creating trendy hairstyles rather than attaining longer hair.

Unfortunately, I started seeing the signs of damaged hair showing up when I would remove the weave braids from month-to-month. For the first time, I witnessed my real hair actually become shorter after wearing weave braids.

Excessive tension will rip your hair out. The tight, thin braids left my hair filled with bulky short patches. I was so frustrated. I knew it was time to let the weave go and learn how to manage my real hair.

The stress on your hair strands from small, tight braids can be just as damaging as the misuse of harsh chemicals.

Learn more about my experience with weave braids.

natural hair janelle monae hairstyle3

Hair Inspiration On YT

I had no clue how to manage my hair without using weave and/or a relaxer? I was at my wits-end when it came to my natural hair. But luckily, I stumbled upon hair tutorials on Youtube.

Youtube was the first place that I found reliable black hair care information. Watching natural hair video tutorials guided to a healthy hair journey. I spent months absorbing all the hairstyling tips and hair product recommendations.

I would sit (for hours) and watch videos uploaded by women with gorgeous natural hair. I was shocked by the simplicity of their hair regimens. I begin to see that caring for black hair did not have to be difficult and/or expensive.

Natural Hair Gurus Became My Hair Advisors

Thank goodness for natural hair care gurus. I began to learn from women who had the long, healthy, beautiful hair that I desired.

One particular naturalista whose natural hair care journey helped me seal the deal on becoming natural was Kimmaytube (Kim Love) on Youtube.

Kimmaytube had a unique way of sharing hair care advice, but she was also very resourceful. She was one of the first hair care gurus on Youtube that taught about the science of hair. natural hair janelle monae hairstyle3

When Kimmaytube (on YouTube) mentioned a hair care book, I immediately went to and purchased the book referral. Reading black hair care books helped me become more skilled at styling my Afro-textured hair.

I was determined to learn my curly hair texture. It was exciting to have good hair care advice at my fingertips. The more I learned, the more I understood how poorly informed I was regarding my natural black hair.

I Found Factual Hair Care Advice By Reading Books

The first black hair care book I read was Cathy Howse's book, Ultra Black Hair Growth II. Reading this book helped me to separate the hair facts from the hair myths. The theme that echo throughout the book is simply to treat your hair gently.

It was not long before I was purchasing more black hair care books. I was excited to find books about black hair care. I prefer to read black hair care books because they do not try to convince you that there are secrets to black hair growth.

After reading several books about African American hair, I was empowered by all of the practical tips on how to treat my fragile hair texture. Finally, I was ready to remove the weave and relaxers from my hair care regimen and wear my hair natural.

Learn hair growth FACTS inspired by Cathy Howse's book.

black hair science chicoro grow it cathy Howse Ulta Hair Growth

Deciding To Go Natural

I went natural because I want healthy, chemical-free hair. In the past, I had no idea about the fragility of black hair. So, I did not adequately protect my hair from damaging chemicals and heating appliances.

I became reckless when applying chemical relaxers and hair weaves. Oddly enough, I was more concerned with the condition of the fake hair rather than the state of my real hair.

When you are a part of a community of people who struggle with embracing Afro-textured hair, it is easy to develop deep insecurities toward your hair texture.

There was a time when it was rare to see black women with natural hair. And most of the black women that had long hair were either mixed chicks or wearing hairextensions.

I Want To Learn My Natural Hair

I was aware that going natural would be a challenge. But I knew that the process could not be any worse than the hair care roller-coaster I was already on. I had plenty of knowledge on the potential and limitations of hair extensions, weave braids, and chemical relaxers. It was time to explore the hair that God has uniquely created JUST-FOR-ME.

It isnot enough to simply recognize that a problem exist. You should work to find the correct solutions to your unhealthy black hair. And the answer is never to ignore your bad hair situation, and hide it under chemicals and fake hair.

Without factual hair care information, you are likely to worsen the condition of your hair because you have not fixed the source of your hair problems.

natural hair care

natural hair janelle monae hairstyle3








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