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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

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Secret to Growing Long, Healthy Hair










Have you noticed that most black women seem to suffer from the shoulder-length hair syndrome? The symptoms of this chronic hair disease is chronic hair breakage that ultimately leads to shoulder-length hair. Have you given up on the idea of attaining longer hair that reaches beyond your shoulders?

Many black women who suffer from chronic hair breakage seem to believe that long, healthy black hair is out of their reach. Is there some sort of secret trick to gaining long hair for African American women?

There is NO secret to growing long, healthy African American hair.


There are two things that lead to short curly, natural black hair: incorrect knowledge and poor grooming techniques. The way to grow natural black hair is to become knowledgeable of hair growth facts, and routinely practice what you have learned.

How have you been styling your fragile black hair? How often are you cleansing your hair? People tend to associate hair growth to hair texture or even special hair products. We are constantly seeking a hair product that will miraculously correct all of our curly hair problems.

Choosing a good hair product can make a difference in the softness, and texture of the hair strand; but hair products alone will not make your hair grow faster, nor longer. This is one of the biggest myths about black hair growth.

Five Top Myths About Black Hair Growth:

1. Black hair cannot grow super long
2. Clipping the ends will make black hair grow faster
3. Black hair growth involves expensive hair products
4. Black hair growth involves hair vitamins
5. Black hair need grease and oils on the scalp to grow


The SECRET to hair growth is knowledge and patience.

In many ways black women are at a disadvantage in the hair growth department. Our kinky hair texture can become extremely entangled (nappy). It takes alot of extra effort, and discipline to acquire healthy natural or relaxed black hair. Most black women are losing their hair through chronic breakage because they do not understand the nature of their unique kinky hair texture.

There is science behind how black hair grows long and why black hair tends to remain short. If you want to unlock the reasons behind your chronic short hair; then you have to first gain an understanding of the science behind black hair. Ask yourself, what is it that is making my hair constantly break off every single day?

Learn what makes hair thrive and mimic this within your weekly hair regimen.

Five Top Facts About Black Hair Growth:

1. Black hair CAN grow super long
2. Hair grows from the scalp, not the ends
3. Long black hair involves lots of water
4. Black hair is always growing, breakage prevents long hair
5. Grease and oils on the scalp can stunt hair growth






E-mail Address
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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.


Chronic hair breakage is as bad as it gets in black hair damage.

I am sure you have experienced the infamous sink covered in broken hair strands. How frustrating and discouraging when you are caring for your hair, but the evidence that you are on the wrong track continues to show up.

If your hair is constantly breaking; then your hair care regimen is either missing an important step such as adding moisture; or you are overdoing something such as styling.

For example, are you moisturizing your hair regularly? Does you hair feel soft from day to day? For black hair to thrive and grow long, it has to look and feel healthy most of the time. Healthy black hair is managed well and cleaned often, at least once a week.

Three reasons why your black hair is not growing:

  1. Chemical and/or heat overload (overprocessing)
  2. Lack of moisture/ inadequate moisturization (not enough water on hair)
  3. Too much manipulation/tension (comb, brushes, styling tools)

The magic is in eliminating breakage so that you can gain length.

Let me tell you a secret: YOUR HAIR IS GROWING! It is growing every day, every month, and every year. There is no secret to natural hair growth. There is only science to natural curly hair growth.

If you want to control the nature of anything, you have to go to the basics. Natural black hair has a science similar to all other hair textures. But there is one very important difference that make black hair growth uniquely challenging.

Black Hair Basics:

black-hair-growthThe protein structure within black hair has a helixical pattern that is different from the protein helix of straight hair for two reasons: it's cylinical shape and its protein pattern.

The shape and structure of black hair affect the appearance and maintenance of black hair. Your hair appears thick, kinky, curly, dry, and difficult to manage all because of the zig zag pattern that the protein bonds create within your hair.

Each hair strand has a circular shape. Under a microscope, the shape of some hair strands look like a complete circle.

Black hair strands are shaped more like an oval. The oval shape gives us our curl pattern. The more elliptical the shape of the hair strand, the more curly the hair texture. The more curly the hair strand, the more difficult it is for sebum to moisturize the entire hair strand.

Since African American hair is prone to dryness, we have to work harder than any other race to keep longer hair on our heads. While less curly hair textures can rely upon sebum to moisturize the entire hair strand, we have to position our hair within a defensive state against dryness.

Shield your naturally curly hair from breakage:

  • Keep hair and scalp clean
  • Keep hair moisture-balanced: pH of hair products is important
  • Keep hair detangled: prevent single-strand knots
  • Keep hair protected: practice protective styling; night-time protection






The first step in eliminating damaged, short hair is reducing dryness. You have to keep your hair flexible and soft. Moisturize your hair regularly and consistently. Develop an understanding of how to use moisturizers and oils on your hair correctly.

Learn about the effectiveness of pH balance when moisturizing black hair.


natural black hair growth african american hair growth


We have to start taking accountability for the condition of our curly hair. It is not your hair texture that stunts your hair growth; it is your hair techniques.

We have become so discouraged by the damaged condition of our naturally curly Afro-textured hair that we are easily convinced that there is a mysterious formula involved in growing long, healthy black hair. We believe that our hair is not growing simply because it remains the same short length year after year.

There are probably hundreds of ways to accomplish long, healthy black hair. There are no secrets to hair growth! The internet is filled with women sharing their hair tips and hair tactics. Remember, your hair is unique. What works for one, may not work for all.

My hair is becoming stronger and longer because I have learned the facts about black hair. My hair care system will always coincide with the scientific structure of African American hair.

Three of My Favorite Books on Black Hair Care.

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