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All Natural Hair Products Are
Not Worth More Money

I read the book, Don’t Go Shopping For Hair Products Without Me by Paula Begoun. This book opened my eyes to the mechanics of buying hair products.

Paula Begoun is known as Oprah's Cosmetics’ Cop. She earned this name by intensively studying the cosmetics industry and unapologetically disclosing the false claims found on many hair product labels.

Within Paula’s book, there is a chapter called Naturally Absurd. She describes the hype about using all natural hair products as being one of the biggest and most successful marketing scams of all time.

Sadly, while some natural ingredients do indeed have beneficial properties for skin, most natural ingredients in hair-care products have little to no impact or influence on the health, cleanliness, strength, or smoothness of hair.
Paula Begoun, Cosmetics Cop

Three bits of information
I took from Paula’s book

  1. Hair product manufacturers can and do lie on their labels
  2. Vitamins and other organic hair products do little for the hair
  3. You should never pay more than six dollars for a hair product






The hair product industry is tricky business because it is flooded with hair products with false claims about how well they perform on your hair. For example, have you ever purchased a hair product that promises to help grow your hair longer; but it does not.

The worst part is Instead of returning the hair product to the store, you keep it. And it ends up collecting dust in your linen closet along with the other twenty product lines that failed to perform.

This is an example of how easy it is for hair product manufacturers to take your money and leave you frustrated and broke.The hair product manufacturer gets to keep your money; but your hair problem did not improve.

Have you noticed that when a a new hair care issue arises--shortly after--a bunch of new hair products emerge with labels promising to fix the situation pop up out of the blue. This is all well and good; if the hair product actually works to remedy your hair care problem. But, often times, the ingredients list do not reflex what the label is promising.

For example, when the media caught on to black women going natural, most of the manufacturers of African American hair products put the word natural on the front of their labels.orgsnic-price-man-lie.gif

Dark and Lovely, a brand widely known for its mass production of hair relaxers, created an Au Naturale line. But the back of the label, reveals that the hair product is not 100% natural.

Unnatural hair products are not bad for your hair. Just be aware that the advertising for hair products can and do lie.




1. Hair Product Labels Can And Do Lie

Concentrating on natural is one way to get yourself duped
Paula Begoun, Cosmetics Cop

Did you know that it is legal for manufacturers to place false claims on their hair products? According to the FDA, the repercussion for lying to consumers is having a misbranded product.

Having a misbranded hair product affects only the customers.

The FDA’s lack of regulation on hair product labels is due to hair being dead. Please note, medicated hair products for the scalp (which is alive) come with a whole different set of regulations.


The FDA's statement about hair product labeling
Read more here…


A hair product may look natural,
but really be unnatural

Hair Product Manufacturers Lie By Omission

A trick that hair product manufacturers use is advertising a natural ingredient on the front label--even though the majority of the hair product is made up of synthetic ingredients.

For example, a hair product may market olive oil on the front label. But, when you review the ingredients list, the olive oil is listed among a bunch of synthetic ingredients.

Manufacturers know that placing olive oil on the label will grab your attention, and lead you to believe that the hair product is good for your hair.



Hair products that advertise natural
ingredients but barely use them

Hair Product Manufacturers Lie To Embellish

There are a bunch of hair product lines that promote a natural ingredient on the front label, but barely use the substance.

For example, I have seen hair products have made with Aloe Vera posted on the front of the bottle. But when I examined the ingredients list, Aloe Vera is at the bottom of the list.

The product label highlights the organic ingredient, even though it is barely used within the hair product.

The ingredients at the top of the list, make-up the majority of a hair product. If you are expecting to receive the benefits of a certain organic ingredient; then it should be at the top of the list--Or, no further than midway down.

2. Vitamins and Organic ingredients
on the hair are over-rated

All of the plant extracts and vitamins in the world can’t bring a dead leaf back to life, or put fallen petals back on a rose, and they can not change the dead hair on your head.
Paula Begoun, Cosmetics Cop

Let us quickly review a basic fact about hair. The hair strands are dead. They cannot be nourished by any ingredient. Vitamins feed the cells of the body that are alive and reproducing. There is no cell division happening within the hair strand.

So, why are organic hair products worth higher prices than synthetic hair products? Many people use expensive all natural hair products because they buy into the idea that they are better for the hair.

Many people will overlook hair products that are less expensive because they contain a chemical ingredient, such as sulfates. Hair products that have unnatural ingredients are not bad for your hair. And hair products that are 100% natural are not automatically better for your hair.

In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I only used all natural hair products. I am becoming better at selecting hair products. Surprisingly, I am returning to some of the unnatural hair products that I enjoyed before I went natural.

For instance, I love Africa’s Best hair products. They are not all natural, but they work nicely on my hair. Most of their hair products are under six dollars. I use Africa’s Best herbal oil more than I use organic oils. I simply prefer the texture of the Africa’s Best hair product; so I use it.

Organic hair products are not better for the hair, just because they have are all natural

When I first went natural I was determined to buy all natural hair products. I wanted all of the ingredients to be organic. I thought that if a hair product was not organic; then it was harming my hair.

Within months of wearing my natural hair, I had switched all of my regular hair products with natural ones. I had shelves full of l hair products that I refused to use because they contained chemicals like dimethicone and/or petroleum.

My hair products were going to waste because I jumped on the all natural hair care product bandwagon. At the time, it made sense that hair products made from the earth would work better than chemically manufactured hair products.

I read deeper into my black hair care books; and found that the organic hair care product phenomena is filled with a lot of hype and high price tags.

Organic ingredients work better
for the hair when taken internally

Taking fruits and vitamins orally is more beneficial to the health of your hair.

The vitamins work inside of the scalp helping to strengthen the new hair developing. Once the hair pushes through the scalp, it dies. Hair vitamins applied to the hair externally are less effective.

Most ingredients are sitting stagnant on your hair, coating it. Organic ingredients do not have special powers on the hair strands that make them perform unique results that are unmatched by synthetic ingredients.

Hair is dead and cannot tell the difference between organic or non-organic hair products. Organic hair products at most function equally on the hair strands as non-organic hair products.

Why pay more money for hair products that are likely doing the same basic job on your hair?

Synthetic hair products
are not bad for your hair

Hair products are created to help support the health of the hair. Most of the hair products that you find over-the-counter are developed by chemists. They understand how ingredients work on the hair.

Experiment with hair products until you find a few staples that work great on your hair. Natural hair products are not guaranteed to work best on your hair. And unnatural hair products are not always bad for your hair.

3. You Should Never Pay More Than Six Dollars For Hair Products

Vitamins, herbs, and fruits cannot improve your hair. So, why do the prices of hair products that contain such ingredients tend to cost more?

When it comes to maintaining the health of your body (which is alive) it makes perfect sense to invest in organic products that may be more expensive.

Hair products should not be expensive because they cannot improve your dead hair--regardless if they are natural, organic or synthetic. If used correctly, hair products can at most preserve the best condition of your hair.

Most of the noise about organic hair products is hype. Manufacturers glorify all of the benefits of vitamins and natural oils on the hair to persuade you to pay more for their hair products.

Why pay significantly more money for organic hair products that are basically performing in the same capacity as synthetic hair products?

In could take all of the natural-sounding ingredients out of a product and you would still have an effective shampoo, conditioner, or styling product that would leave hair clean, soft, and manageable. Take out all of the so-called chemical-sounding ingredients in your products and all you would have is tea…and unmanageable hair.
Paula Begoun, Cosmetics Cop

Even 100% natural hair products
are NOT worth more than $6.00

Even if a hair product is all natural, you still should not pay more than six dollars for it. Many of the new all natural hair products cost at least ten dollars per bottle.

Most hair product lines recommended a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, spritz, and pomade. If you purchase the entire line--that is at least a sixty dollar investment.

You should learn how to tweak hair products to fit your hair and your budget. Learn which hair products and/or ingredients work best on your hair.

Paying for the illusion of benefit from natural ingredients does absolutely nothing for your hair, but, because products boasting natural ingredients tend to cost more, it can surely hurt your pocketbook.
Paula Begoun, Cosmetics Cop

What is your price-range for hair products?

Black hair care is a billion dollar industry. And most hair products are making promises that they cannot keep. It is important to understand the price-range of your hair products.

Make sure you are not wasting your money on falsely advertised hair products. There is no miracle hair product that can grow your hair long fast. There is no magic hair product that can fix damaged hair.

I love organic hair products, but
they are worth more than six dollars

Organic Hair Products Lines Under $6.00

  • Giovanni
  • Beauty Without Cruelty
  • Alba Botanica
  • Organix
  • Aubrey Organics
  • Desert Essence







More expensive hair products are
not autmatically better for hair care

Many manufacturers hike up their prices because they know that people will pay more for organic hair products. Organic is marketed so well that many people assume that natural is always better.

Regarding the health of your body, natural ingredients can help cure ailments. For example, pure Aloe Vera is known to soothe burns and heal scars.

Hair is different. It is one of the few attachments to the body that is dead--it cannot be saved or cured. Hair can only be maintained, or preserved.

Natural ingredients are not bad for the hair. I find it silly to invest a lot of money into hair products that have so many limitations. I have seen certain organic hair products sold for almost forty dollars a bottle.

However, there is no solid case that proves that organic ingredients function significantly better on your hair.

Get a grip on hair products that work

In actuality you can spend your money how you want. This article is not to bash all natural hair products; or, to uplift non-organic hair products. There are great all natural hair products. And there are great non-natural hair products.

Make sure hair products are
working on your hair

If a product cost more than six dollars; then it should be used on the skin. Or, you should be eating it. But there are plenty of people who are more than willing to fork out a couple more bucks to support the environment and use all natural hair products, simply because they want to.

If you are a lover of the earth and you want to use organic hair products all of the time; then do it. But make sure you are not being misled by hair product labels that advertise as being natural, but really are not.

A great hair product does not have to be all natural. But if you are shopping for 100% natural hair products; then at least check and make sure the ingredients are in fact organic.

Use organic hair care products
and save money

You should shop generic brands. Organic oils such as olive oil and grapeseed oil are similar in price to petroleum jelly. So, whichever one you prefer, it will not make much of a difference in your pocketbook.

The only real difference between organic oils and petroleum jelly on the hair strands is there texture. This is where trial and error will help you decide which product is best for you. But do not assume that the organic oils is better for managing your natural hair.

Use your senses and hair science
to select the best hair products

I use organic hair products based on my sentiments. I prefer using olive oil on my hair in comparison to petroleum jelly because of its light texture. I love how olive oil feels on my skin and hair strands.

Generally, olive oil and petroleum jelly can be found for less than four dollars at your local grocery stores. I purchase organic ingredients individually because i like to mix them with hair and body lotions.

This is an affordable way to get the light, dissolvable texture of organic hair products, at fair prices.

Multi-purposing organic ingredients

Purchasing organic ingredients individually can become expensive too. I invest in organic ingredients because I know that I can multipurpose them.

For instance, I can use natural oils such as coconut oil on my hair, skin, and even to cook. I can buy a 32 ounce jar of coconut oil for about ten bucks and use it in multiple ways, for several months.  

On the other hand, I could buy a pricey organic hair product that is made with coconut oil. But then I would be limited to using it only on my hair.

Places To Shop For Organic Ingredients

  • Pharmacies (Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS)
  • Whole food store (Trader Joe’s)
  • Vitamin Shop
  • Vitamin World
  • Grocery Stores (Wegmans, Tops. etc)






No time for mixing hair products?

I enjoy organic hair products mainly because of their light, dissolvable texture. If I happen to find a four dollar hair product with a basic ingredient, I like to mix-in some of my favorite natural ingredients.

For example, I add a tablespoon of aloe vera juice to my hair products to  them slightly acidic. Substances such as aloe vera juice and/or apple cider vinegar help acidify hair products.

Read more about pH balance and hair.


3 reasons I use natural hair products

  1. Softness (the way they feel on my hair)
  2. Science (the way they dissolve oall nan my hair)
  3. Scent (natural oils vs. fragrance)





Did you notice that I did not mention hair growth or hair health? I did not mention them because vitamins and other natural ingredients do not make your hair become healthy or grow longer any more than synthetic ingredients.

For instance, I enjoy adding organic vegetable glycerine to a heavy protein-based hair product to create a moisture balance. Vegetable glycerine is great for moisturizing the hair. It moisturizes hair; but so does water. And water is free.

Great Non-Organic Hair Products Under $6.00

  • Africa’s Best
    oils, creams,conditioners
  • Wet N Wavy
    detangling spray
  • Infusium 23
    leave-in conditioners
  • Suave Naturals
  • Suave Professionals
  • V05 Silky Experiences
    Shea Cashmere Cond.
  • Fruit Of The Earth
    aloe vera gel, lotions
  • Carefree Curl
  • Aussie
  • Garnier Fructis

Learn what is necessary
for your hair and what is not

Some organic hair products are so natural that you could eat them. It is easy to get enticed by all of the delicious language. A number of hair products have strawberries, chocolate, sugar and a bunch of edible ingredients that do little to nothing for your hair.

Your hair needs three things water, protein, and oil. Usually all the extra vitamins, plants, herbs and berries are there to mimic one of the three main ingredients. Organic ingredients are either moisturizing and/or coating your hair strands.

The main ingredient to moisturize black hair is water. The main ingredient to protect black hair is protein. It is up to you to figure out which proteins and/or oils work best on your hair texture.

Hair needs water, protein and oil. All the other ingredients within hair products are like what fat is to the body---they just sit on the hair strands, protecting them at most.

You do not have to use all natural hair products to get healthy hair

There is a plethora of all natural hair products on the shelves today. There is a number of women who believe that going natural means using only all natural hair products.

Many black women think that their hair remained short and damaged because of bad chemical-based hair products. Using any hair product incorrectly will lead to bad hair.

Make sure you understand how hair products work on your hair before you spend your hard earned money on hair products. Do not buy into marketing that may be false and/or impossible to deliver.

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