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Minimize Tangles - CHICORO

wide toothe comb

How to Wash Hair and Minimize Tangles in Afro-Textured Hair

Many shampoo commercials show women washing their hair, on the top of their heads, rubbing it around with lots of soap and suds. Although it looks great, it can needlessly increase the amount of tangles in your precious, beautiful hair. I would like to challenge you to try to wash and condition your hair in a way to minimize the tangles.


  1. Detangle and section your dry hair with your fingers. If your hair is covered in gel, hair spray or is gummy from some other product, rinse your hair first to remove the top layer of product. The goal is to separate the hair in sections. Section your hair into 4-8 braids or twists. No combing or brushing.


  1. Cleanse your hair. Dilute your shampoo or your soap in ½ cup of very warm water. Stir it around, pour over your head and rinse your hair. Squeeze your braids and or twists, and work the soapy water through the hair. Repeat until the suds run clean. No combing or brushing.


  1. Condition your hair. Rinse the braids or twists with clean warm water. Place your conditioner directly on the braids. Unloosen each braid, rake the conditioner through it with your hands. Now use a wide tooth comb to detangle the first braid or twist, with the conditioner on it. Re-braid loosely.


  1. Moisturize your hair. Rinse the conditioner from all the braids. Undo the detangled first braid. Add your leave in product. Work in the product. Style as usual.


This process should help you to minimize tangles when you wash and condition your hair.


Would you like to know more about the care and feeding of beautiful afro-textured hair? Stop on by at




This is MY NEW Shampoo-Conditioning-System:

I LOVE THIS TIP from Chicoro. It was right on schedule. The other day, I did a co-wash using SheMoisture's Purification Masque. Unfortunately, as I proceeded to moisturize my hair I was confronted with a single-strand knot. I tussled around with it for about a half-an-hour before I just gave in and cut it out. I absolutely despise single-strand knots. I feel so helpless when I am confronted with having to cut one out of my hair. UGH!

CHICORO sends weekly tips VIA EMAIL on how to perseve the hair bit by bit. I will be sharing her advice as it becomes available. This sounds like a wonderful, PROACTIVE sytem for preventing tangles. I like the aspect of separating the hair into sections; and diluting the shampoo so that it spreads throughout the hair more evenly. Separating the hair in sections will allow you to focus more on the scalp. My scalp tends to itch even after I have just washed my hair. This is an error-proof method for reducing those horrible single-strand-knots as well as becoming more efficient at cleansing the scalp. Be sure to make note of the the hurdles you confront; and seek out methods to beat them. Never become discouraged. Become PREVENTIVE.

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