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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

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Black Hair Needs a Hair Routine:

I enjoy placing my hair on a schedule because it is more manageable.

It is easier to predict when my hair need to be cleaned, moisturized, deep-conditioned, and given a tension break and placed within a protective hairstyle.

Are you having trouble managing your hair? Is caring for your natural hair more of a pain than you expected?

Unless you are keeping your hair within protective hairstyles for months at a time, you should develop a weekly hair routine to help guide you in your healthy hair journey.

A weekly hair routine is basically a set of hair grooming habits that you do daily to ensure that your hair can thrive and grow long.

It's never a good idea to have a fly-by-night hair routine.

Do you have a consistent hair regimen that you commit to; or, do you care for your natural hair when it is convenient for you? It is so easy to fall into the I'll get to my hair when I have time for it hair care routine. This is the most common hair routine because it takes little effort to complete.

The problem with falling into such a lazy hair routine is that you will find yourself taking longer to complete simple task, such as detangling your hair or even moisturizing your hair.

When you neglect your natural hair, every other hair maintenance task is sure to take longer to perform.

Not only will you find yourself spending more time trying to fix the issues that often result from neglectful behavior, such as knots and tangles, you put yourself at risk of losing hair.

If you do not commit time to important hair maintenance task; then you will face unneccessary setbacks.


Are you too busy to commit to a hair routine?

Everyone seems to be leading extra busy lives these days. But if you want long, healthy natural hair, you have to include regular hair maintenance somewhere on your daily list of priorities.

Every single day, your hair is displaying something to you. Your hair might be saying, I need water, I need a trim, I need to be cleaned...are you listening? Are you aware of the signals that your hair might be giving off?

You cannot know what is or isn't working for your hair if you are not paying close attention to what your hair is trying to tell you.

When your hair is healthy, it will look healthy. When your hair is damaged, it will look damaged. If your hair is behaving stubbornly; then it is NOT happy and is missing an important restorative step.

There could be a number of reasons why you might be experiencing dry hair. Is your hair dry from lack of moisture? Or, is your hair dry from you using hair products with the wrong ingredients?

Your hair will respond to organized and predictable maintenance habits immediately. If you want to improve the condition of your hair; then you'll have to plan your hair task and measure your results on a weekly basis.


5 TIPS TO SAVE YOUR HAIR when you are too busy:hair routine head scarves save time


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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

Do you have hair goals?

It is a good idea to develop monthly, quarterly or even yearly hair goals. Setting hair goals is a great way to inspire you to stick to a healthy hair regimen.

Are you aiming for super long hair?

If this is the case then you should get use to submitting to an effective hair care regimen. What is your Monday through Sunday lookin' like? Do you have any regular hair maintenance activities planned this week?

You will enjoy managing your hair much more when there is an element of predictability. You will learn the habits that support your hair goals and those that do not.

For example, try using the same hair products for a month to get an idea of how they work on your hair. Do not be afraid to take pictures and make notes of how your hair is experiencing each hair product.

Record how the hair products left your hair. Did you notice soft hair? Was your hair more manageable? Did you notice anything bad about the hair product?


Are you taking notes about your hair's monthly progress?

One of the most common frustrations when starting a hair routine is figuring out which hair products work best on your hair; and which hair products to commit to for a long period of time.natural hair routine

Most black women have so many different hair products that we want to sample them all at once. This is not the best way to see consistently good results with your hair.

Establishing discipline with hair products is the first step to developing an effective hair regimen; and eliminating other hair frustrations down the road.

If you are just starting to use a hair regimen, regulating use of specific hair products from month-to-month would be a great start to your healthy hair



How often do you moisturize your hair?

Your hair regimen should involve applying moisture to your hair regularly.

Make sure that every product that is placed on your hair--to moisturize, has water as the first ingredient. This simply involves looking on the back of your moisturizer bottle and looking for water at the top of the ingredients list.

If the hair products that you are using do not contain water; then it is not moisturizing your hair.

Moistuizing hair does not only involve specific ingredients within a hair product bottle. Real hair moisturization happens when you allow your hair to be soaked within pure water. This will immediately place your hair within the most flexible state possible.

When hair is flexible it is less likely to break. It moves freely and detangles easily.

It does not matter which product line you prefer or love, nothing replaces the power that water has on the hair cuticle. Water is the best moisturizer that you can place on your hair and it's free.


Do you have a time-frame for washing your hair?

Your hair routine should include a set day for cleansing your hair.

Cleaning black hair is so important for two reasons. One, it removes old, scumpy product from your hair strands so that your hair is reset and able to receive new hair products. And two,

Shampooing and conditioning your hair allow you to create a clean slate each week. Regular hair cleansing help you to prevent product build-up and clogged hair follicles on your scalp, which can block hair growth.

I have a time-frame for washing my hair. I try not to allow my hair and scalp to go more than seven days without being clean.

When you wash your hair, this is really one of the only times you can thoroughly clean and condition your hair.

Many black women believe that shampoo removes essential oils and leave the hair dry. If you suffer from hair dryness right after washing your hair, try deep conditioning and learn how to properly moisturize your hair.

I stress the importance of water because there is a huge misunderstanding among black women that washing the hair frequently is bad for black hair. Water is not, in any way, bad for black hair.

Do you have a hairstyling system that complements your hair goals?

Create a hairstyling system that revolve around your hair goals of longer, healthier hair. Protective styling is key in any hair regimen that involves attaining long hair.

When you allow your hair to be tucked away for a while you are preserving the health of your hair ends. Protective styling is a sure way to eliminate unnecessary manipulation and breakage.

If you like styling your hair, use a lot of moisture to help combat tension and stress on the hair cuticle. Moisture will keep your hair flexible. But be careful not to over-manipulate your hair from day-to-day.

Wear your hairstyles in accordance with your hair goals.

Proper maintenance of the hair and the scalp is simple.

  • Keep your hair and scalp clean,
  • keep your hair flexible (moisturized),
  • Eliminate tension on your hair (don't over-stress the hair strand);
  • Give your hair a manipulation break (use protective-styling).






Hair is a fiber of protein. Protein is strong, but it is not meant to be roughly pulled, burned with heat, and/or over-processed by chemicals.

Every time you brush your hair, comb your hair, pull your hair, or burn your hair, you are slowly destroying your hair.

Over time, you will notice dry, brittle, breaking hair. Try not to damage your hair before it can grow long.


Keep your weekly hair routine simple.

The best hair routines are easy to follow and easy to remember.

I keep my hair detangled and tucked away for most of the week because this creates an atmosphere for my hair to grow with little to no upkeep.

When you lead a busy life it is easy to unintentionally place your hair on the back-burner. I have mentioned several ways to prevent neglectful behavior that leads to difficult hair.

If you are having trouble with managing your natural hair; then it is tme that you asked yourself, if the problem is your hair or your hair techniques.

Do not give up on wearing your natural hair texture unless you have given it your best shot. Start by developing a hair regimen.

5 Easy ways to quickly restore your hair to health in one month:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo every 5 - 7 days
  • Deep-condiiton your hair once a week
  • Moisturize your hair at least once daily with a water-based leavin conditioner
  • Wear protective hairstyles at least 4 days out a week
  • Wrap your hair up with a satin hair scarf at night

MOST Weeks Start with Protective Hairstyles:

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