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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

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What's YOUR Hair Care Personality?

Are you having a difficult time adjusting to a weekly hair regimen?

We tend to have a tough time getting use to a process that does not compliment our natural personality.

Do you desparately want to follow a hair care regimen; but you are all over the place with your weekly routine?



Could your personality be keeping you from reaching your hair goals?

Do you lack discipline when trying to follow your hair care regimen? If the answer is yes; then you need to get your butt into gear if you are serious about reaching your hair goals.

The first thing you should do is make a list of the hair care activities you enjoy doing and those that you despise doing. Grab a sheet of blank paper and draw a line down the middle.

On one side of the paper write the title, Hair Care Likes. On the other side of the paper write the title, Hair Care Dislikes. natural, kinky, curly african american hairList the h

air care task you like to do and those that you dislike doing.

Once you know which hair task you love doing, try to fill your weekly hair routine with them.

Do the opposite for the hair habits that you dislike. If you hate a specific grooming process; then try to shorten it

For example, if you hate styling your hair; then find a few hairstyles that work for you and rotate them for weeks...even months at a time.

Who are you when it comes to following your hair regimen?

There are two major types of personalities: the introvert and extrovert. When it comes to following a hair care routine I have noticed two major types of hair care personalities: The List Queen and The Chaotic Dream.

The List Queen:
The first, and most rare of the two personalities, is the List Queen. The List Queen is governed by her list of hair rules. She would never start a week without the direction of her sacred hair to-do list. When she created her monthly hair routine, it was strategically thought out and organized for success. She accepts no excuses!

She not only wants to see success in her hair care efforts; she periodically measures the results. She is likely to have a bunch of photos that reveal how far she has come in her hair journey. She wants to reach her long-term hair goals sooner than later.

The Chaotic Dream:
The Chaotic Dream gets excited about the results but often overlook the amount of work and patience involved with the whole healthy hair care whatchama call it. The Chaotic Dream hates list but she has alot of hope and is filled with inspiration. She is inspired into a different hair care routine almost weekly.

The Chaotic Dream does not document what happens to her hair from week-to-week but she knows every single new natural hair product on the market. The Chaotic Dream often wonders if she will ever achieve the beautiful, long natural hair that she adores.

Ok! Ok! I exaggerated both hair care personalities a bit, but I bet you can recognize traits about yourself within at least one. Are you more of a List Queen or a Chaotic Dream when it comes to caring for your natural hair?natural, kinky, curly african american hair

If you are on this page, I will assume that your hair care personality is more like that of the Chaotic Dream.

And one of the major reasons you can not stick to your hair care regimen is because it is not inspiring enough for you.


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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.


Hair To-Do Wish List

Instead of having a hair to-do list, try creating a hair to-do wish list. Most people have written a wish list at some point within their lives, particularly during childhood.

You may not like list-making or even following a set schedule, but I bet you would enjoy writing a wish list if you knew that your wishes could come true.

A hair to-do wish list is magical because it reminds you that your hair goals are achievable. Have you ever made a wish? Think of the amazing feelings that bubbled inside of you

natural black african american hair rotuine successnatural black african american hair rotuine success




When you have great expectations and know that the sky is the limit you set your hair goals into motion. Creating a hair to-do wish list will increase your faith in yourself because you will not want to be disappointed.

Fill your hair regimen with language that motivate you to complete boring activities that you would normally avoid. It is all about creatiing inspiration and fun within an otherwise chore-like process.

Some people cringe at the idea of making list. But list are an effective tool to help clarify your hair care goals. Every great hair regimen starts with a list that targets specific hair goals. Do you remember how often you moisturized your hair last week? Do you remember what hair products you used three months ago and how they worked on your hair?

Doing more chores vs. Openning new doors

Following a hair regimen can feel like another set of chores that you have to remember to complete throughout the week. People do chores out of obligation not so muich out of inspiration or desire.

When you become bored and uninspired by your hair regimen, you are less likely to perform weekly hair care task, such as cleansing and moisturizing your hair.

The trick is to stay focused on your short-term hair goals. With every week of sticking to your hair care routine, reward yourself. Rewarding yourself opens up an opportunity to shamelessly get something you have been wanting.

Instead of looking at your weekly hair regimen as another set of burdensome chores, use it as an excuse to lavish in your desires.

A door of opportunity is simply giving yourself something for following your hair care regimen perfectly, for a specific amount of time. Your doors of opportunity can be as simple as skipping a hair wash day or as extravagent as visiting the hair salon.

Reward yourself for small successes with your hair regimen because they will provide incentive to keep you moving toward your long-term hair goals.natural black african american hair rotuine success

natural black african american hair rotuine success


Instant gratification vs.
Reaching long-term hair goals

Other than a lack of inspiration, the second reason most women do not stick to a hair regimen is because there is a sense of delayed gratification. For instance, if you are newly natural and want to reach bra-strap length hair; then you have about three-four years before you can jump up in the air and feel estatic about your success.

Lets face it! Grooming natural, black hair can be a tedious, time-consuming, long process. When you are putting in so much time and effort and not seeing favorable results, it is easy to become discouraged.

If you are frustrated by the condition of your hair; then humble yourself with some form of instant gratification. For instance, when you feel like your hair is not growing fast enough, get on a platform such as YouTube and watch some inspirational videos of women who have reached there hair goals.

Don't just watch the recent videos. Go back to older videos and see if you can find a time when the Vlogger shared your current hair frustrations.

Hair Motivation vs. Hair Habits

A wise man once stated that it is better to be moved by habit rather than motivation. I agree because habitual behavior is more reliable than behavior driven by random sparks of motivation.

How many times have you had a great idea one day and then changed your mind on the next day? Your motivation for completing a specific hair task may come easily yesterday, but what about today, or even tomorrow?

On the other hand, consistent completion of daily hair habits become encrypted within your brain. Your brain is always on autopilot and develops patterns for what it repetitively experiences. These patterns are called habits.

Perform good habits consistently within your hair regimen and you will see more success toward your goals. It is important to start your hair journey correctly and systematically. Overtime, you will find yourself completing your hair task without even thinking about them.

Chaotic vs. Robotic behavior

People love to describe themselves as spontaneous, upredictable, free-spirited and such. But when it comes to hair care, you should try to contain these personality traits. When you are trying to reach long-term hair goals, you should use a system that is predictable and effectively pushes you toward your hair goals.

You should be like a robot with most of your hair habits. For instance, misting your hair with water once daily should be robotic. You should be robotic and wrap your hair up every night before going to bed.

Chaos ultimately is a lack of control and laziness. If you choose to be chaotic with your hair routine; than be prepared to face more challenges and setbacks. A robot may not have much personality, but it sure gets the job done.

Could your hair regimen use less of your personality?

If you are naturally disorganized; then creating and trying to follow a system for success with your hair will be a challenge. You have to do what it takes to get with the program.

If you have a more chaotic personality it will overflow into your hair habits. Chaos may have its place within certain areas of your life, but it should be banned from your weekly hair routine.

If you thrive when you are excited and optimistic about the end result; then include motivating gifts within your hair routine. Create small, achieveable goals each week and reward yourself when you are successful.

Create a hair to-do- wish list and let it guide you on your way.


Learn how to develop an effective hair-care regimen.

Learn more about my hair-care routine.

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