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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

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Going natural to Get Long Hair


More African American women are deciding to go natural. Could this be to get longer hair?



Does Black Hair Grow Faster
and Longer When It's Natural?

No. Going natural will NOT make your hair grow faster.

Your hair will grow the same whether it is natural or relaxed. Hair growth is based on the cell reproduction happening within your scalp. The trick letting your hair grow while preventing it from breaking.

Advanages of Natural Hair and Relaxed Hair

The advantage of being natural is your hair has a stronger start because the protein layers have not been broken away by chemicals. So, for this reason natural hair is stronger and will not break as easy.

Relaxed hair has the advantage of being straight and less likely to tangle and become knotted. The less tangles you e, the less knots you will have to cut out.

Regardless of which hair texture you choose to embrace, your hair will continue to grow at the same rate. By using the correct efforts to care for your hair, you will become more skilled at preventing your hair from breakage and achieving longer hair.

Hold On To Your Old Hair Ends & You Will Get Longer Hair

Keeping your older hair ends that have been on your head for years is a skill; but it is also a process. There is no way around it.

There are thousands of hair tactics and regimens available to you on the internet, but there are four important things that your hair (whether relaxed or natural) must get in order to thrive.


four basic needs of black hair list










E-mail Address
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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.




Women who have long natural hair could have better hair tactics not necessarily a better hair texture.

If your hair is short or does not seem to be growing; then there is a greater issue than the texture of your hair.

Try not to hop back and forth between hair regimens that you think will quickly produce results. Learn the reasons why certain tactics work positively for your hair.

Do not blindly copy the hair care systems of others; you will be disappointed in the end. Gain a strong understanding of which techniques help your hair thrive.

Do you know how to build an effective hair regimen? If the answer is no; then you will find yourself trying every hair care routine and hair product under the sun.

Learn how to develop an effective hair regimen.

Long hair on African American
women is an accomplishment,
here's WHY

The kinkiness of Afro-textured hair make it uniquely prone to dryness and breakage. You have to constantly create a balance Keeping hair on your head for long periods of time is an accomplishment. It is an accomplishment based on hard work and an effective hair care system.

If your key strategy for acquiring long, healthy hair is to go natural; then you will be disappointed with hair that is likely to remain short.

Don't get me wrong, going natural is a great way to improve the condition of your hair since you won't be applying damaging chemicals. But natural hair requires more careful grooming.

Relaxers can be damaging; so ridding your hair routine of them can be a huge first step in achieving thicker, longer, healthier hair.

Natural black hair is structurally stronger than relaxed black hair because the protective protein of the cuticle has not been depleted and dried-out by chemical processes.

your natural hair will have a stronger protein structure intact when compared to a chemically altered hair strand.

But even a healthy hair strand can gradually be broken down.

For example, failure to properly condition, moisturize and/or detangle your hair, will lead you right back to the frustrating hair breakage cycle you wanted to avoid.





You can grow long hair WITH a relaxer; you can grow long hair WITHOUT a relaxer.

Long hair is possible. Do not assume that your hair is remaining short simply because you get relaxers or use chemicals. Many women apply chemicals to their hair and manage to achieve healthy, long hair.

To improve the length of your short-hair, you will have to do things almost completely opposite of what you are used to doing.

Learn how to correctly apply chemicals to your hair.


Don't Be Foolish About

A fool repeatedly uses the same bad hair care techniques, while expecting to achieve longer hair.

Do not be naive and think that wearing natural hair will fix your lack of hair growth. Going natural will not cure your chronic short hair, especially if you are practicing the same hair care techniques.

Both, relaxed hair and natural hair, come with unique challenges and hair growth opportunities. Study the hair care habits of women with hair that you admire; and decide if you can realistically stick with a hair care regimen that will help your hair grow.

See WHY I decided to go natural.

Achieving long black hair IS POSSIBLE

Your hair is growing whether you are natural or not. You just have to learn how to keep the older hair at the ends and the new hair pushing through the scalp.

Each time you neglect your hair, you increase its chance of breakage. For example, if you do not detangle your hair thoroughly, then you may experience damaging single strand knots.

If you are just beginning to actively care for your hair, allow hair-length to take a back-seat to your hair’s health.

At times, attaining long black hair can become cumbersome. Can you commit to the challenge?

Your capacity to endure time-consuming wash days, wearing protective hairstyles for extended amounts of time, and years of waiting for your hair to reach the length that you desire will dictate your success in growing your hair long.

The good news is with any process that is done repeatedly, it will slowly become automatic.



Growing black hair LONG
is basically a waiting game.

If you are excited about going natural because you cannot wait to embrace your long, kinky natural hair; that is great. But do not be mislead to believe that natural hair is somehow easier to maintain than your relaxed hair.

Both relaxed and natural hair types have the potential to become long. It all depends on you using the appropriate grooming habits when caring for your hair, such as low-manipulation hairstyling techniques like protective hairstyling.

Are you ready to get the long,
beautiful natural hair that you
have always wanted?

I cherish all of the facts that I have learned about natural hair care.

One of my favorite resources is black hair care books and Youtube video tutorials.

I look to Youtube and black hair care books for information when I find myself struggling with my natural hair.

Who or what do you look to when you experience difficulty with your hair?



The Girl With Longer Hair Than You Has A Better Hair Care Regimen, Not A Secret.

Does it seem like women with natural hair have discovered a secret to growing black hair long?

If your hair remains short and you notice someone with natural hair experiencing longer hair; then it is very likely that the latter has great information that you do not.

The first thing you should do is use the internet or preferably books to learn the basic needs of black hair.

The internet is a great resource for information because there are a plethora of black hair websites and video content just a click away.

One thing I can promise you is that even with all the wonderful information on the internet you will still be missing a beat if you never pick up a book and read facts about black hair.

I recommend books written by dermatologist or black women with long black hair. if your hair is relaxed, follow women with relaxed long hair. If your hair is natural follow women with long natural hair.

It is important to seek support from those with a hair texture and hair goals similar to yours.

Learn HOW to BE PATIENT while waiting for your hair to grow.

great black hair care books for growth






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