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Getting Over The Natural Hair
Slow Growth Hump



Here you are taking care of your hair. Shampooing and conditioning regularly. You are Moisturizing your hair with water-based, gentle hair products.

Your hair is looking healthy and strong. You believe in your new hair tactics. Months are coming; and months are going. You begin to wonder, where is the longer hair?

Marking your hair growth can become obsessive.

You check your hair length every two months, documenting what you see.

Let me tell you something that I know: When I used to place my hair in weave braids, I never noticed a dramatic change within the length of my hair until at least after the first year.

I am not prepared to accurately explain why. It seems hair, like anything, needs consistency in order to thrive.

I have witnessed my hair grow beyond shoulder-length on two occasions from wearing braids for two-three-year increments. And within each instance, my hair became thick and evened out, first.

The hair at the dome of my head caught up in length with the hair at the nape of my neck. It seemed that once my hair became even in length, my hair grew more noticeably.

Whenever you become frustrated with caring for your hair because you are not seeing results fast enough,

REMEMBER, this is a process!

It took you months to learn bad habits that damaged your hair; it will take months to get it right.


When I was wearing my braids, I was at an advantage because it was easy to forget about my hair and just leave it alone. This is what you have to do just leave your hair alone. Allow your hair to grow with little manipulation.

Somehow, maybe through protective styling, you need to leave your hair alone and stop being so analytical.

If you are constantly critiquing your hair, YOU MAY BECOME DISCOURAGED. Remember, hair roughly grows a half-an-inch per month. So, within two months your hair should be an inch longer.

An inch of hair is really not extremely noticeable on kinky hair due to shrinkage. Even two inches of hair can seem less apparent than one might think.

My point is, sometimes hair will become thicker in texture before it starts to appear longer in length. So, relax! Just because you are not seeing dramatic changes in the length of a particular section of your hair, does not mean it is not growing.


Better yet, embrace the hair that you have. If you are serious about growing long, healthy hair, you will not have short hair forever. There are so many sassy hairstyles that you can rock.

Learn how to look at the big picture. Once your hair is beyond shoulder-length, your styling options will have a new set of opportunities, but also NEW limitations.

Take advantage of not having to spend hours detangling longer hair. There is nothing wrong with being excited about seeing your hair reach new lengths. Just do not become impatient and unrealistic in your hair goals and/or expectations.



Discouragement can cause you to give up and go back to your old ways of weave and relaxers.

It is not easy to accomplish something that is rare. The difference between those who reach their hair-goals and those that do not is getting over the hump.

The hump is the period where you may not be completely impressed with the results of your hair-care methods; but you remain steadfast and focused on your hair goals.

There is an element of faith involved in attaining longer, healthier hair. You have to believe that your goals are possible.

You have to think of something to PULL inspiration from.

When I start to wonder why my hair does not seem to be keeping up with the whole one-inch-per-two-month hair growth philosophy; I always remember how my hair grew while wearing braids. I have seen my hair at its healthiest, so growing my hair long is not far-fetched to me at all.

It is good to pull inspiration from other people’s hair journeys. There is something about seeing someone who has already reached their hair-goals and reviewing their process.

Youtube is packed with video content specifically aimed at caring for natural black hair. The great thing about video is that you can always back-track and review the obstacles that other women have endured and conquered. You will find that your worries are not unfound.


Learn more about the emergence of this new Natural Hair phenomena.

Does your hair regimen coincide with your personality?

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Get More Healthy Black Hair Care Tips.

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